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What your video stats are trying to tell you.

Stats are a powerful indicator of what you are doing right when it comes to making and selling content for your fans. So, your CAM4 ‘My Shop’ was carefully crafted to be easy to use, and offer you focused stats that reflect viewer satisfaction with the videos they’ve purchased from you.


Your ‘My Shop’ also includes shareable links for your videos to be used on social media, and the ability to control the order your videos are displayed on your profile.

Your Stats

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Understanding your stats 

Everyone knows that high stats are great, but it’s the low stats that tell us the most about what’s going on. In these next 2 examples I am going to show you possible reasons you could be getting low numbers on stats.

Video #1 - Your video has noticeably low Likes compared to your sales and views.

  • This could mean:
  1. Check your video quality! Is there good lighting? Can we hear you properly? Do you look happy to be IN the video? These things affect viewer satisfaction so make sure you would like the video yourself if you were watching.
  2. You have done a great job at marketing this video and attracting viewers…but maybe not the right ones. Double check that you have used relevant tags/title/description for this video so you are attracting the right audience.
  3. Look at your price vs. length of video. Did you make a 1 min video and charge 50$? If you did it better be amazing! Remember, quantity of sales will make you more money in the end over a high sale price.

Video #2.
People are buying, even your likes are ok…but your Views are almost the same as your total number of sales.

  • This could mean:
  1. You might have over sold but under delivered on this video. It’s a hard truth but a great lesson to learn for next time.
  2. Watch your video again and see how many times you try to engage your viewers with eye contact, changing your cam angle, and giving viewers the feeling that you love what you’re doing. These things form a connection between you and your audience and if it’s just not there, they won’t watch it again.
  3. This may be a video production issue. Is your audio way to loud? Can we hear you at all? Does your video start and cut off in weird spots? Is the color balance and auto focus of your cam going crazy?

Film making #ProTips

~Ask yourself “Would I watch my video?” “Would I pay for my video?"

  • ~I know it can be weird at first, but WATCH YOUR OWN VIDEOS!
  • ~Don’t feel like you have to talk in your videos. Some of the hottest, sexiest videos are ones where all you hear is the breathing and moaning of the performer.
  • ~Try to keep background music to a minimum for both legal and viewer personal music taste reasons.
  • ~Make your videos roughly 5-10 min in length. This doesn’t sound like a long time, but it is if you’re trying to hold someone’s attention for that long.
  • ~A great video can be filmed on a cell phone in a train station bathroom. Good content is good content, regardless of production value.
  • ~Make sure you are having fun filming your videos! Just like camming, your viewers will be able to tell if you’re enjoying yourself.

If you need advice on video editing software, check out the article on ‘How to edit and watermark your videos and pictures' 

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!
Love, Your Coaching Team!