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Social Media 101 with Sammy Strips (Video)

We have started hosting live coaching on Twitter to help you use social media to earn more money! Our first session featured social media & camgirl pro Sammy Strips teaching us the basics of the social media, watch the full video here: 


1. Keep Your Profile and Cover Images Clean

Performers are able to show more sensitive and R-rated content, but this is not true for every area in Twitter. In your profile picture and your banner you can’t show any nudity, nothing sexy! Keep it SFW. This helps to keep your profile active and away from the dreaded bans. 

2. Keep Twitter Live Streams Clean

The same rules apply to your live broadcasts on Twitter, make sure there's no nudity. Though this is an awesome way to tease viewers into your shows, it's not the place to get explicit. 

3. Keep Nudity in Your Posts

Your tweets can include nudity, so you're free to be as explicit as you want. 

4. Am I Shadowbanned?

Twitter will "shadowban" accounts that violate these rules. This means that your profile won't appear in searches, making it hard for fans to find you. 

5. Tagging People in Photos

If you’re uploading a picture, click on the “Who’s in this photo?” button and you can tag up to 10 users in the photo. This is a cleaner option than tagging followers in the tweet itself.

6. Use Twitter Analytics!

 If you’re on your desktop on your Twitter profile page, look at “statistics” on the sidebar.  You can get a lot of information about when’s the best time to send your tweets, who’s following you, their interests etc. If you go through that data, you’ll have a better understanding of when you can make money and gain followers.

Why Should I Tweet?

1. Promote yourself! Social media is the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way you can promote your Cam4 shows!

2. More social media followers = more viewers = more money in your pocket. Loyal viewers spend more, and when people know what you're offering, they can spend more. You can achieve both with Twitter.

3. Reach new fans! How else can you find new people who want what you've got? Using Twitter hashtags and the Cam4 social media community you can reach tons of viewers who are looking for you!

4. Interact with existing fans in a whole new way. Extend their Cam4 experience way beyond your shows. It's a win-win for everyone ;)

Like all good things, you need a billboard to help people find you. Treat social media as your billboard! Tweet from anywhere with your mobile device, and tweet while you're live from the web.

Ok... I got Twitter... now what?

When I signed up for Twitter, I sat there with an empty news feed and no clue where to start. There's millions of users, so how do you find the ones who are into you? How do you get people to follow you? It's not as hard as you think, take a breathe and get started with these easy steps:

1. Share your Cam4 link when you're live

2. Use hashtags like #tittietuesday #asswednesday and #friskyfriday along with #CAM4 and pics to find new fans. 


3. Send @CAM4 a tweet and I will personally help you along the way
**Don’t be scared to show your personality, that's what viewers love!**


  1. Keep it all Clean!

Everything has to be SFW! Instagram can take down any pictures that are reported as, or are NSFW. Tease viewers, or show off your personality and style. 

2. We Recommend no More Than Bikini Photos

Take some bikini pics and keep them on hand for Instagram. It's also good to take some seductive pics without any nudity or explicit content.

3. Where Can I Link?

Try not to post links to porn sites in your posts – instead, post your Twitter link so your followers can get links to your cam shows directly there. 

4. Snapchat Takeovers

The best way to get a Snapchat takeover is to send a message to @CAM4 on Twitter and we’ll hook you up! Sammy is booking into December, so let her know! Snapchat takeovers are a great way to get lots of photos and videos so you can post on your personal social media accounts.

Getting Your Posts RT’d by your Cam Company

To get retweeted by a camming platform, there's some key things you have to do: 

Include your URL – we want followers to click on your links!

Use hashtag (#) or ‘@’ your cam company - #cam4, for example. 

Post a HOT visual! (videos are a huge preference though) People love to see visuals. You can add up to 4 photos in a post.

If you want people on Twitter to watch your live shows, the Twitter picture should show them what that show’s going to be like. Example: if you’re doing a show from your bath tub, take pics/video of you in the tub!

Separate posts if you’re tagging separate cam companies! One post for one site, that way each site has the opportunity to retweet you

PRO TIP: Use videos from your Snapchat to post on Twitter!



CAM4 provides users with Performer Training every Wednesday with cam coach, Nikki Night! Social media is one of the topics she covers. If you’re interested in watching, message Sammy Strips!

For a more personalized experience, we offer free One-on-One training for all CAM4 performers.


Shoot Sammy a message and tell her what you’re interested in learning about!

Follow @CAM4 on Twitter to find out upcoming coaching broadcasts with @SammyStrips!