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Snapchat for Cam Performers (video)

Snapchat is a goldmine for cam performers, here are all of the tips you need to get started like a pro. 

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for an account with a username similar to your camming name.
  2. Review your privacy settings to make sure you're comfortable.
  3. Download your Snapcode at and put this on your CAM4 profile, print material for events, and other social media channels.

Psst.. you can watch the full video from cam girl and social media expert Sammy Strips right here: 


Posting on Snapchat

Now you're ready to start posting your best Snaps!

  1.  Snapchat is chronological, so post when you're online, or shooting some new video content.
  2. Do not post nudity or anything overly sexual, which will put your account at risk of being deleted.
  3. Include a link if you're promoting your Twitter account or live cam shows.
  4. Share your personality, Snapchat is all about intimacy and letting people connect more with you.
  5. Encourage screenshots, especially of the posts where you include your CAM4 URL, or social media handles, or anything else to help people easily find or remember you. 
  6. Export all of your snaps at the end of each day and use them on Twitter, Instagram, future Snapchat takeovers, Reddit, and all over the internet. You could even upload them to My Shop on CAM4 and give your fans some free videos to taste. 

Monetize Your Snapchat

Cam performers love Snapchat because it's so easy to make money from this, and with the new Snapchat updates it keeps getting easier!
Sell premium Snapchat access from your CAM4 profile

There's a couple of ways to do this. The easiest is to keep all of your premium members in a Group Chat or create a Group Story. Here's where you send nudes, post the more scandalous pics, give them that special content they pay for. Even offering Snapchat deals will make your premium fans smile. For example, a 100 or 200 token gift is required to get your premium Snapchat. 

Offer a free Snapchat to all of your fans

You should always have a free Snapchat for your fans, otherwise how will people know that paying for your premium is worth it? Post your updates, CAM4 link, any videos or special deals you've got, and show off your personality! Push for your followers to go premium, too. 

Do takeovers!

Finding new followers is really easy when you do takeovers. There are so may cam girl promo accounts on Snapchat that allow girls of all different sites to do takeovers. You can also do a takeover on CAM4Snaps to boost your following. Make sure you pick a day that you're camming, and offer your Snapchat fans something special if they tip you - like a free video clip. You can find out about these accounts on Twitter, or Snapchat.

How do I get promoted by CAM4 on Snapchat?

CAM4snaps hosts daily takeovers from our performers. DM @CAM4 on Twitter to take advantage of this!

And remember, follow our official accounts!

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