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How to Improve Your CAM4 Rankings!

We all have one major goal on CAM4 - to rank high and get that hard-earned cash! But how do you climb your way to the top? And who can help you get there? WE CAN! We want all of our performers to rise to cam stardom,  which is why we're offering all performers the chance to check out our performer articles, how-to videos and cam coaching, only on CAM4!

Improve Your Broadcasting!

Getting started on cam isn't as easy-peasy as it looks. Before you can start filming yourself on CAM4, you have to find out how you can impress your new followers, and how to keep them in your room! Check out our articles on our Performer Training page to find tips on how you can improve your shows and get more viewers!

You can learn about getting started, our CAM4 coaching sessions, and how to schedule and promote your shows! Click HERE.

Want to know how lighting can help you in your cam shows? Watch this video, LIGHTING 101 to find out!

Want to see more How-To videos on performing on CAM4? Subscribe to our official YouTube channel by clicking HERE!

Get Technical!

Before you begin to show off your new skills on CAM4, make sure that all your computer, your internet connection, your webcam, lighting and microphone are all top notch!

Having terrible Internet connection or poor webcam quality can greatly affect your cam shows and viewership. Before filming your live show, make sure to test your Internet connection - is the connection glitchy? How is it affecting your webcam quality?

Find out how you can test your Internet and webcam connection HERE!

Click here to see more tips on filming great videos for fans on CAM4!

Engage with your viewers!

Our most important tip for all performers to rank higher CAM4 is this - ENGAGE WITH YOUR VIEWERS! You have to make your fans and viewers feel excited, comfortable and at-home when they enter your room. It's your job to keep them entertained and glued to your page whenever you enter your live shows. Follow our advice and the tips will come rolling in!

Here are some tips on how you can engage with viewers:

  • Broadcast regularly, and make it known to viewers that you're going on cam. You can do this through your CAM4 camming schedules, or on your own Twitter account! (Make sure to include the hashtag #CAM4)
  • Enable tipping games! Playing games like Roll-the-Dice (RTD) with your viewers is a fantastic way to get everyone in your room excited and engaged in your show (including you!). Check out our CAM4 games HERE!
  • Change up your routine! You can rank higher by trying out new toys or outfits during your shows. Check out our huge number of show ideas for all cam shows HERE!
  • Promote yourself on our CAM4 social media accounts (Instagram Takeover anyone?!). Message CAM4 on Twitter and Instagram to find out how you can do a takeover on our Snapchat or Instagram! 

If you ever need help in improving your rankings, our team at CAM4 is always here to help!