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BOOST: The Ultimate Way to Grow your Audience






Struggling to build an audience? Just logged on and want to kickstart your show?

Now you can BOOST your room higher in the directory for just 25 tokens!

CAM4 has put YOU in the drives seat, giving YOU the ability to increasing your rank on the page so you  will get more viewers in your show!

How it Works:  

BOOST will display on your screen once you start a LIVE broadcast and is visible to you and your viewers.

This feature (once purchased) will  position you within the top percent of cams currently on the site for the duration of the BOOST.

Click on the "BOOST" button to start the feature.

It costs 25 tokens to BOOST your cam for 5 minutes, or until you have gained 10 new viewers in your room (to a max of 30 mins).

When you click on "Proceed" the cost of the BOOST will be deducted from your CAM4 account and your cam will be re-positioned on the directory page. 

What Happens when BOOST starts?

  1. You will see a message in your chat letting you know who purchased the boost.
  2. There is a bar on your broadcast window that will slowly fill up as the time runs out. 
  3. The BOOST button is now inactive, this mean you cannot click on it. The text has also changed to read" Boost Active" and includes a count down. 

When your boost is active, more people will be seeing your thumbnail. This is your moment to try to attract more viewers to your show! Switch it up with an alluring pose, a sexy strip tease, wet t-shirt show, or closeups. Anything you can do to attract the attention of the new audience you now have access to.

What Happens When the BOOST ends?

  1. The button will say "Boost" again become active enabling you to click on it again.
  2. You will see a message in the chat window that will tell you that the BOOST has ended and display how many viewers you gained during that BOOST.
  3. Your directory position will change, but not necessarily back to your original position – because your new position will reflect increases in your viewers due to the boost.

Viewers can BOOST you too!!

Viewers are always looking for ways to  support of their favorite broadcasters. Why not encourage them to use the Boost feature on you?  With their help, boosting can really make a difference in your performance and exposure on CAM4. 

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!
Love, Your Coaching Team!