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What Videos Actually Sell?

We all want to make great videos that our fans will love. So, how do you know what will sell? What makes one viewer request a better option over another?

Here are a few ways you can easily spot great suggestions for creating videos to sell in your Shop.

Sources of Inspiration


We all know there is never a lack of comments during` live shows, but how do you know which ones to keep in mind for creating content later? While you always want to listen to everyone in your shows, these are a few things to look for.

  1. “Do you do ___?” This viewer is looking for a certain role play or scenario starring you, and sometimes what they are looking for is totally different from what you normally do in your shows.
    For example, if you keep getting asked similar type questions about doing domination/foot fetish/couple shows, you should probably make a video! Especially if you don’t feel like adding these things to your regular shows.
  2. “Do you have ___ to put on?” Obviously, these viewers want to see you wearing something to complete their fantasy. Three requests or more tell me it’s something I should have to wear during my shows and in videos.
    For example, White socks/underwear, stockings, running shoes, jock strap, slutty/tight bar clothes, body stockings…

ProTip- Questions like these are not limited to your chat room, viewers might feel more comfortable messaging your inbox or writing on your chat wall so keep an eye out. 


Take a Poll

I’m talking about Twitter polls! Use your Twitter account to do some research on what your fans want to see by doing a Twitter poll!


You can’t see who voted on a Twitter poll, but you can incentivize people to re-tweet your poll by:

  1. Putting usernames of the people who re-tweeted your poll into a raffle to win your video.
  2. Tell your followers that you will release a teaser video on Twitter if your poll gets over a certain number of re-tweets.

The more re-tweets the bigger the chances people will answer your poll and follow you!



Being a performer for any length of time gives you access to a large, vocal audience that is full of feedback on your shows. To find the most valuable feedback, I would look to viewers who have already purchased some of your content, or have done a private show with you.

  • How to ask for feedback:

~If a viewer has sent you a message after purchasing some of your content  – “Im so happy you liked it! Thank you for telling me! What part of the video made you love it? Im making another video soon and I want to make sure you like that one too…

~After you have gone private with a viewer – “I loved our private today. My favorite part was when ______ happened, or you did this______.” This will start a conversation, and your viewer will likely tell you what they enjoyed about the show.

~If you know a viewer purchased, or won a video from you and hasn’t messaged you about it – “Hello! I was wondering what you thought about the video you won, I know you didn’t choose it so I wanted to make sure you were happy. Was it as hot as you hoped?” This will start a conversation and let the viewer know that you are open to feedback. They may give you a simple “yes I liked it”, or tell you what kind of video they would really like to see, and that is the feedback you were searching for.

Other Resources For Video Ideas

~Look in the Performer Training area on CAM4 under ‘Show Ideas’ for LOTS of different video ideas

~Go on video sites like PornHub and look at Top Searched video titles

~Your own fantasies! Chances are if you are into it so are your fans so turn it into a video!

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!
Love, Your Coaching Team!