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Guide On What To Charge Your Viewers

Knowing how much to charge – and clearly stating it in your tip goal and broadcast window – is almost as important as performing your show when it comes to being successful and maximizing your tips.

This information lets viewers who come to your room know you're a dedicated performer, lets them see the kind of things you do in your show. It can also show them how they can request for the things they would like to see. 

How To Know What To Charge

The first thing you need to do is think of a goal in your head of how much you NEED to make a month from camming. This includes the amount to cover your bills etc…

Then, think of how much you WANT to make to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Divide that up by how much you plan to work and you will get a rough idea of how much you need to make per show to reach your end of month goal.

When it comes to performing I suggest splitting your daily goal you have worked out into 4 smaller goals and try reach them one at a time.

Eg. If you want to make 1000 tokens ($100 US Dollars) per show, split your goal into 4 smaller 250 token goals. Set a different goal for your fans as each 250 token mark is reached.

  • First 250 tokens = naked
  • Second 250 tokens = oil show
  • Third 250 tokens = play
  • Fourth goal = cum (or whatever you are comfortable doing)

Adding flashes for tokens in your text box is a great idea, and fans always love it.

You are free to charge whatever you like but these are pretty standard across the site.

  • Ass = 25
  • Tits = 25
  • Pussy = 50

I also recommend doing something really small for 1 token just for fun.

Eg. Tongue = 1 token. (When they tip 1 token stick your tongue out at them. It's cute and a fun way to keep people tipping)

Once you have chosen your tip or flash goal, don't change it. Changing your goals all the time tells fans that you are not confident in your show – and that will make them feel the same way.

That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love, Your Coaching Team