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Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

CAM4 is an official streaming platform on OBS! This means OBS will auto configure your exact setting needs for optimal streaming on CAM4.

Here’s how it works:


  1. Login to > Select Broadcast
  2. Select > External Encoder
  3. Select > Get Stream Key
  4. Highlight Stream Key and Copy key as it will be pasted into OBS
  5. Open > OBS
  6. Select > Tools. Then select > Auto Configuration Wizard
  7. Select > Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary
  8. Click > Next
  9. Base (Canvas) Resolution select: Use Current

** Base canvas = your primary monitor's resolution**

  1. FPS: Select 30
  2. Click > Next
  3. Stream Type: Streaming Services
  4. Service: Cam4 (show all if Cam4 is not listed)
  5. Stream Key: (clear if populated; paste key previously copied from your Cam4 broadcast window)
  6. Estimate bitrate with bandwidth test: CHECKED
  7. Prefer Hardware Encoding (if an option): UNCHECKED
  8. Click > Next
  9. Stream Warning pop up box: Select YES and wait while settings are configured
  10. OBS then shows Final Results for your settings.

              Select Apply to use the new settings.

              Settings will not be applied if you select Cancel

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~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love, Your CAM4 Coaching TEAM