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Lighting 101 (Video)

Great lighting is camming 101  – having a poorly lit room can affect the quality of your cam feed and result in an unflattering image. Using accent lights, like red or blue floodlights, will make your cam more noticeable on the homepage, and increase the amount of viewers in your room.

These are the things to consider when lighting your room:

    • What sources of light do I have already?
    •  Do I have enough lighting?
    • Is it flattering?
    • What “color” bulbs do I have in my light sources
    •  Are they all the same type and “color”?
    •  Where do I need to place my lights to get the best effect?

Chances are that you have lights around your home that will be very effective in creating a well-lit room. As much as possible, try NOT to use sunlight – it is inconsistent and may blow your cover if you are hiding your location.

These are some great lamps you can add to your collection if you don’t have what you need already:


Multi-head lamps are great for adjusting the light exactly where you need them.




This little guy is a great way to maximize your lamps you already have. It converts 1 light socket into 4! Use energy saving bulbs ONLY!



This disk light is very versatile with its clamp on the back you can use it in any space.



I recommend using a natural white or soft white bulb, they are the best choice when lighting for your cam and will flatter your skin tone.




These A-Line bulbs are great because they are energy saving, low heat, and frosted to give off softer light.

Please make sure all your bulbs are the same color!


Lighting set up


*In real life your lights will need to be turned towards your wall in order to get that soft flattering effect you are looking for. The light that reflects back off your walls will be perfect to light your room.

Your lights should never be visible in your cam window. The light will force your cam to make your image dark and no one will see you. It is best to have them behind and to the side of the cam, out of view.

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love, Your CAM4 Coaching TEAM