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Time Management Is Money

If you've ever thought to yourself "How come that person is more successful than me when I feel like I do so much work?" you may benefit from learning how to more successfully manage your time on and off cam.

Understanding Time Management

The first step is understanding that 'clock time' and 'real time' are not the same thing. Although we measure our lives with clock time, it has little to do with our success... Real time, on the other hand, is relative and is made up of our thoughts, conversations and actions. How we manage these thoughts, conversations, and actions is what determines how productive and successful we are in life.

Without going into great detail, write down all your thoughts, conversations and actions for 1 week to see how your time is spent. This will show you how your time is spent both on and off cam.

Once the week is done, take a look at your list and determine which thoughts, conversations, and actions produced positive results, which produced negative results, and which wasted your time.

Knowing where and how your time is spent will drastically help you focus on things that get you the results you want. You will have a clearer picture of where your success is coming from while doing everything – including filming videos, taking pictures, engaging in social media, getting ready to perform, and even broadcasting your shows!

 How To Apply This To Your Performances

Step One: Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it.

Once you get into a rhythm, you will find you have more time to get things done outside of your shows – like videos, pictures, social media, and much needed personal time. You will also see that having a regular schedule will make it easier for you to fill up your room with fans (because they know when to find you).

 Step Two: Stay positive!

Before you go on cam, take 5-10 min to envision your show. What is the positive outcome you want? How you are going to achieve it? Time management + positive frame of mind = results.

 Step Three: Keep your show focused

While on cam, use your time effectively by staying in your public show until you have finished. Only accept Private Show requests after or before your public show. Keeping this separate will increase results for both – running around is not effective and you could lose fans and money as a result.

 Step Four: Learn to say "please wait" to your fans.

Your fans will learn your schedule and greatly appreciate the structure in your room. Fans of your public show will tip more because you are not going back and forth to private all the time, while private show fans will appreciate you being ready and prepared to give them a great show.

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love, Your CAM4 Coaching TEAM